How To Play: Tips & Tricks

Learning How to Play

Understand the objective. Complete the goals before you run out of moves or time to progress through fun levels. Your goal in EmoBlazt Storm is to clear as many rows and columns as possible in as few moves as possible. Combine 2 or more adjacent emoballs grouping them with the same color to make them disappear and blast.
Matching emoballs the right places helps you clear obstacles.
Just swap, match and tap with your fingers!

Tips & Tricks

Goals, scores and stars

You have a specific list of goals in each level. You’ll need to reach the target score to win each level. This will unlock the next level.


You’ll need to earn at least one star to pass each level (Target score).
If you earn two stars, 2 moves or 4 seconds will be added to your records.
If you earn three stars, 5 moves or 8 seconds will be added to your records.
You will win a trophy when you collect 3 stars.

Game Board

The number at the upper-left corner of the screen is the number of moves (time) remaining.
The progress bar at the top of the screen displays your current score.
Each level will have a "target" score or objective in the upper-right corner of the game board. This can be reaching a specific number of points, destroying a specific obstacle, or other goals.


Touch an EmoBall and swipe it with your finger. Match 3 or more emoballs of the same color and touch again to clear them.
Touch or tap two or more EmoBalls of the same color to clear them.
The more emoballs you destroy in a single tap – the more points you earn.

Special Emoballs

There are few special emoballs that give chance to make special moves that clear extra emoballs, rows, columns and some time clear the whole board.
If you match 4 emoballs, a special emoball will be created which will burst an entire row or column if matched as part of another set of 2 or more.

Combine special emoballs by swiping them to clear whole row, whole column, clear same color emoballs & clear the whole board!

Select, Paint, Match and Destroy

1. Tap on the selected color piece.
2. Touch to paint the white emoball pieces.
3. Match 3 or more emoballs of the same color and touch again to clear them.

(New Level) Capture the Flag

1. Match the emoball color with the flag color.
2. Touch to capture the flag.

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